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DAC Vehicle Repairs in Dartford offers excellent servicing and mechanical repairs of all makes and models of cars, vans and motorhomes for customers in Dartford and the surrounding areas of South East London and North West Kent. We are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

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Car AC Air Conditioning service and regas in Dartford, including aircon diagnostic and recharge

The air conditioning in your vehicle provides a valuable all-year-round service. Not only is it great for keeping you cool during the summer, but during the colder months it can be used to clear your windows and windscreen quickly from condensation. Therefore it pays to keep your air-con in tip-top condition.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend they system is recharged every two years, since 10-20% of the gas usually permeates from the system each year. However this service isn’t part of routine vehicle servicing, and generally gets overlooked.

Nitrogen Pressure Test

DAC Vehicle Repairs is now a qualified air conditioning specialist, investing in new equipment specifically for fault-finding diagnostics and providing a thorough refresh of the system, not simply a re-gas where an undiagnosed fault still remains.

By bringing your vehicle along to us, we will provide a FREE initial test of your air conditioning system. This preliminary check will let us know there is a leak in your system, and whether a full service is required. The test takes around 30 minutes.

A less effective air conditioning system has to work harder to produce cool air. This adds strain to your engine and consequently consumes more fuel, not to mention that the refrigerant that is leaking into the air is a fluorinated gas, so it is contributing to global warming!

Full Car AirCon Service and Repair in Dartford

In order to identify the cause of the leak, we vacuum the system which removes all existing refrigeration debris, oil and contamination, leaving the components and pipes clean. It is then pressure tested with nitrogen (safe to the environment) to diagnose where the leak is coming from.

At this time we can let you know the definite cost of repair. It will the be re-gassed with the correct amount of refrigerant for your vehicle.

We are qualified to provide the full air conditioning service under one roof.

We are trained in accordance with European Commission Legislation Reference Regulation (EC) No: 307/2008, relating to the service repair and dismantling of air conditioning systems in motor vehicles that contain fluorinated greenhouse gases.

  • FREE initial test
  • Diagnostic
  • Repair
  • Recharge
Vehicle air conditioning repair in Dartford
Aircon flush and re-gas in Dartford

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